Production and sale of flags and flagpoles

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Resolfin: a leading company in the production of flags and flagpoles

Flags printing and production of certified flagpoles

A leading company that can offer an affordable and quality product. This is possible because we always meet every customer’s needs, by continuously promoting sustainable company policies. One eye looks at the past while the other looks towards the future: the company’s tradition at the service of continuous development.

Resolfin is dedicated to working with full blown passion, and the results can be seen in the care and creativity, which are what plants the seeds for the future. Transforming the imaginary into structure and body, where the shapes envisaged through printing and tailoring and the vision of the graphical designer are brought to life. A method that relies on both cutting-edge technological machines and the manual and handmade tailored support that completes the creation of the product. This mechanism winds itself through the continuously followed and checked production stages so as to make sure the customer’s needs and requests are never left behind.

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Resolfin offers special discounts and conditions to companies and retailers who are willing to start promoting and selling our products in Italy and Europe.

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