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Who we are

Due to its sustainable company policies, Resolfin can offer a high quality and affordable product to everyone. A look into the future while looking at the past is the company’s tradition in progressing both technologically and philosophically.

Resolfin can transform shapes into real and proper products where printing and tailoring go hand in hand with the graphical designer’s vision and it is all brought to life.

The Resolfin flags and the creation of a wide range of products on offer are powered by the latest generation machines as well as being supported by handmade craftsmen and people who create the product in the early stages until its sale.

The fabrication of flags, pedestals and our catalog represent the best solution between the quality of the materials and the latest cutting edge technology that result in real, durable and quality products coming to life.

Every detail is fundamental, from the fabrics to the weaving (no tessitura ma cucitura quindi “to the sewing”), in order to make our top quality products unique on the market. All our fabrications are created with the best materials (nautical polyester, black soul polyester, stamina polyester, light polyester, satin and silk) with the aim of offering the best products on the market at an affordable price.

In order to obtain the results that Resolfin demands – sales and flag creation – we need to believe in the long-lasting principles such as determination, a winning spirit, competitiveness, innovation and last but not least, respect for humankind and the environment. These are the fundamental values to stick to if you want to achieve any goal.

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