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Resolfin s.r.l. services

Resolfin is a company specialized in the creation and sales of all flag types available on the market as well as its relative accessories. If you are looking for national flags, world flags or custom flags. Resolfin is the right place to purchase your flags online. We take care of every minute detail by providing a unique ‘Made in Italy’ product.

Pennone portabandiera KINGPOLE con carrucole e fune esterna. Cliente Il Quirinale.

Your online flag shop
We offer a wide range of products (standards banners, flagpoles, Beach flags,  Flagpoles, Inground flagpoles and indoor pedestals) and we are able to satisfy your personalized requests by always keeping quality standards high.

We can carry out flagpole installations both on the ground (including plinths and general masonry works) and on walls. An ad hoc cost estimation will be provided upon request for this type of service.

All products sold online will be directly sent to your address through an express courier and the costs of the transport are highlighted during the purchasing stage.


  • Study of the image
    Resolfin carries out the study of the image together with the design and insertion of the logo inside custom flags that needs to be created.
  • Project offices
    Resolfin’s project center is capable of satisfying any aesthetical and functional need by working with a team of qualified designers capable of developing the product’s design and technology. There may be solutions that have been customized with the client’s design.
  • Virtual preview
    Resolfin can provide a virtual preview of the finished job by creating a computer render and giving the client the exact image of the final product.
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