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Terms of sale
In accordance with art. 7 of leg. Decree 70/2003, leg. Decree 185/99 on remotely concluded contracts and GUARANTEES for the buyer.


The company, Resolfin Srl, with its headquarter in Via Monterosa, 3, 00071 – Pomezia and VAT registered number 12501551001 hereinafter nominated as the supplier.

The subject identified by the data inserted during registration and the acceptance of the present  general conditions (hereinafter named Client).

Purpose of the service
Through the e-commerce service, the supplier provides a virtual store to the client where it is possible to view indoor and outdoor flags and other accessories online. The client can view the supplier’s electronic catalog and its offers and purchase them through the
supplier under the present terms of sale.

Right to privacy
The supplier informs that it is possible to browse the website without being a registered user and have access to information, product details, price lists and all services made available without the need to insert personal data. It is compulsory to insert the required data in order to use services,
such as newsletters and online purchasing. The provision of data is not compulsory, but it is aimed at building and maintaining the contractual relationship with the supplier which can’t take place in case of refusal.
The data provided, or, referred by you could be communicated to: external parties who carry out specific roles on our behalf (product delivery, producers of the items requested, accounting, tax compliance, information system management, market research); banking institutions for the management of income and payments deriving from the execution of contracts.

Nature of the relationship and cases of non-applicability of consumer protection laws
In compliance to what is foreseen by the current national and community laws in force, the economic relationship between the supplier and client is disciplined by the regulation to protect consumers exclusively in the case where the client only purchases for personal, and not working, purposes. As such, the relationships between the supplier and the client who purchases for work related motives by providing us with their VAT registration number, are exempt from the consumer protection law.

Unless otherwise written, all prices indicated are intended as “VAT excluded” and are expressed in Euros. The validity of the prices shown is the one indicated at the moment the order was forwarded to the supplier. The prices of some or all products can, in fact, change many times during the day without any warnings. For every order, the invoice is emitted and sent together with the goods. The supplier isn’t responsible for any additional taxes imposed by other countries.

The client has the possibility to choose among several payment methods
1. Wire transfer in advance to:
Resolfin srl – Via Monterosa 3, 00071 – Pomezia (RM)
Bank of reference: Banca Intesa Sanpaolo spa – Via Roma 132 – 00071 Pomezia (RM)
IBAN: IT56E0306922005100000003963
If you choose the ½ wire transfer in advance payment, you need to send the copy of the payment
receipt to the fax number 069145227 within 7 working days. Beyond this date, the order shall be
2. Payment by credit card through the protected and guaranteed PAYPAL circuit.

Purchase orders
Each order is distinguished by a unique code number (order number) and contains the indication of the system’s order date, the detail of the items purchased, with shipping fees and single inclusive VAT prices in Euros.
The receipt of the order doesn’t bind the supplier until the information system is updated and there is a confirmed written email sent to the address provided during registration.

Delivery: costs, methods and times.

The supplier will ship by express courier, otherwise, the client has the possibility to request and collect at our facilities or at another location agreed together with the supplier. (Please note that goods won’t be shipped to Livigno and Campione d’Italia).
The transport cost with express courier in Italy (EXCLUDING THE MINORI ISLANDS AND VENICE) is set at 8.00 euros + VAT (excluding the purchase of flagpoles in fiberglass).
The transport cost by express courier TO THE MINORI ISLANDS AND VENICE has to be calculated.
The transport cost by express courier in Europe (Schengen area) is set at 15.00 euros (excluding the purchase of flagpoles).
Transport is free for orders above €500.00 + VAT (excluding the purchase of flagpoles in fiberglass).
The costs and other fees connected to transport and/or shipping of the products are calculated and detailed in the order confirmation and the purchasing invoice.
Upon receiving the goods at your home address, the client should verify the integrity of the items as well as the quantity and quality with what was indicated in the accompanied document. In case of discrepancies and/or deformities, it is up to the client to write them down on the transportation document (delivery note or waybill) in order to enforce your rights. Shipping times will be communicated to the client within 2/6 working days and is in line with the information received by the express courier. Any delays or damages are to be attributed to the express courier.

Complaints and shipping delays
The client has the faculty to verbally communicate any problems (errors, inconveniences or delays in delivery) by telephone at +39.06.9145226 or in writing at the email address (from Italy). These communications received will be treated with maximum urgency in order to resolve any
inconveniences caused in order to pursue the client’s total satisfaction.

Right of withdrawal
(Only valid for private clients and not applicable to companies)
The client receives written instructions to exercise the right of withdrawal for every order.
The unsatisfied client can exercise the right of withdrawal (leg. Decree 22/05/99 n.185 – protection of consumers for remotely concluded contracts) within ten working days starting from the receipt of the good, by sending us a registered postal letter with confirmation of receipt at the following
address, Resolfin s.r.l. Via Monterosa 3, 00071 – Pomezia (RM).
The withdrawal can also be sent with the same terms by telegram as long as it is confirmed through a registered letter with confirmation receipt within the following 48 hours.
In order to receive the refund, the consumer must resend the purchased items to the supplier’s office at Via Monterosa 3, 00071 – Pomezia (RM) within ten days.
The client has the right to withdraw without any penalties and the only expenses borne by the client are those relating to the return of the product and not to those relative to the first shipment by the supplier. To comply with the correct relationship with the supplier, the client is committed to
storing and keeping the received products they want to withdraw, with the utmost care and intact
with the original packaging.
The expenses and risks resulting from the transportation of the return are borne fully by the client.
The return of broken, deteriorated or incomplete products won’t be accepted by the supplier and will be returned to the sender with additional transportation costs. The supplier will go ahead with refunding the client once the supplier has received the goods in compliance with what was indicated and mentioned above.

The supplier shall carry out the refund practices to exercise the right of withdrawal through wire transfer within 30 working days (days) from the receipt of the communication that the consumer intends to withdraw.

Guarantees given by the client
The client guarantees, by assuming every responsibility, and exempting the supplier from any prejudicial consequence, that the data provided during the registration of the present general conditions are truthful and is the real identification of the client, who, additionally commits him/ herself to immediately inform the supplier in written form, or by email, of any changes to the data provided. Furthermore, the client is informed about the need to communicate a valid email address to the supplier in order to allow the supplier to confirm the order as well as any additional

Limitations of liability
The supplier declines any responsibility for malfunctions, service interruptions or performance degradation, whether or not these are due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, when they are not directly attributable to the supplier due to its intent or gross negligence.
Validity of communications
The client accepts that notifications and communications concerning all online services (including those relating to purchase orders) are carried out by the supplier in electronic format (e-mail) and through web services. The client acknowledges its full validity and expressly renounces, from now, the declarations sent and/or received in electronic format.
The client can send their complaints to the supplier by:
1. The information page as either a registered user or a non-registered one;
2. The notes field present in every order detail sheet;
3. Email
4. Telephone: +39 06-9145226.
Registered post with notification of receipt, addressed to Resolfin s.r.l. Via di Monterosa 3, 00071 – Pomezia (RM).

Cost of using distance communication techniques
Connection costs are applied by the client’s internet service provider for all online services, and so the client should consult the provider should they want to find out more about costs.
Applicable laws
The European Community laws in force are exclusively applied to all of the supplier’s e-commerce
service sites.
The client declares having read and specifically accepting the clauses of the following articles of
the general terms of sale on the supplier’s sites:
7 (term of forfeiture to assert the discrepancies)
12 (guarantees given by the client);
13 (limitations or liability);
14 (validity of electronic communications); e-commerce: information on privacy protection and data

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